How to Purchase Travel Trailers From FEMA

by Andy KlausUpdated September 26, 2017

Since May of 2009, FEMA has begun its next phase of eliminating excess inventories of various properties. A surplus of travel trailers was purchased for disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and they are now available through GSA (General Services Administration) auctions for a fraction of the original purchase cost.

Finding GSA Auctions

The GSA is responsible for managing the auction of excess inventory from the various government bodies. They maintain a website dedicated to auctioning off these properties. You can browse available listings by typing "Travel Trailers" into the search bar on the website.

Getting in on the Action

GSA auctions are open to anyone, but they do require a preregistration step before you are allowed to enter a valid bid. It is important to distinguish individual from corporate purchases as they are treated differently. You will need a valid credit card to complete the process, but no charges are levied for registration. Once you are registered, you are able to bid on anything in their inventory.

Picking Up Your Trailer

Almost every trailer sold via a GSA auction will need to be picked up by the purchaser. Fortunately, the GSA makes it easy to find out where your trailer is located by including a web-based map of the place it is being stored. You will need to make sure that you have the appropriate vehicle, hitch and lighting hookups to move it to your home.

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