How to Install a New Steering Rack in a Dodge Durango

by Editorial TeamUpdated November 07, 2017

Items you will need

  • Jack and jack stands

  • New mounting nuts and bolts

  • Torque wrench

How to Install a New Steering Rack in a Dodge Durango. The Dodge Durango replaced the Ramcharger in 1998 to serve as a mid-sized SUV for North American markets. Originally based on the Dodge Dakota, Dodge redesigned the model in 2004. As with any high-wheel base vehicle, steering is important. If you drive a 2004 or later model and need to replace the steering rack, you can install a new one with the following procedure.

Make sure the problems are the fault of your rack and pinion gear. Uneven or unbalanced tires, an unbalanced front end and problems with the power steering controls can cause similar symptoms.

Siphon the steering fluid, lock the steering wheel and disconnect your battery cables. Raise the front end and make sure the support is secure before removing the front wheels.

Separate the tie rod ends from the steering knuckles and remove the steering rack pinch bolt. Pull the steering gear coupling away and turn the gear full to the right. Disconnect the steering lines and detach the front crossmember. Unscrew the mounting nuts, bolts and washers and dispose of the nuts and bolts.

Tilt the gear forward slightly until it is clear then move to the right. To remove it completely, tilt downward and to the left. Inspect the bushings for damage or excessive wear and clean the steering knuckle tapers and tie rod studs. Use new bolts and nuts nut to attach the new rack assembly and torque to 190 foot pounds.

Connect the power steering lines making sure to tighten the pressure hose to 28 foot pounds and the return hose to 48 foot pounds. Slip the shaft coupler into place and secure with a new bolt tightened to 36 foot pounds. Reconnect the tie rods ends and knuckles with the nuts tightened to 55 foot pounds. Replace the front crossmember and your steering system is ready to go.

Mount the front wheels and lower the front end. Reconnect the battery cables, unlock the front end and refill the power steering fluid. Readjust the toe to align the front end.


If you have a 3.7 or 4.7 liter engine, you will also need to remove the exhaust's Y-pipe.

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