How to Change the Power Steering Fluid in a Honda Civic

by Sarka-Jonae Miller

Power steering fluid rarely needs to be changed, but it is necessary for regular maintenance. Flushing the power steering fluid in a Honda Civic is a procedure most people can do on their own. One indication that the power steering fluid needs to be changed is a difficulty in steering. A "loose steering" feeling would also be an indicator that you should check your power steering fluid level as well. Either way, save yourself some money by changing the fluid yourself.

Step 1

Raise the power steering reservoir. It is located on the front left (passenger) side of the engine. A link to a picture of the reservoir is included below in the Resources section.

Step 2

Disconnect the black return hose from the side of the reservoir. This is also sometimes referred to as a return line.

Step 3

Connect a new hose to the disconnected return hose, placing the end in a container appropriate for collecting the old fluid. The new hose should be slightly larger than the return hose so it can fit snugly around it. The actual diameter may vary.

Step 4

Turn on the car and let it idle.

Step 5

Move the steering wheel from side-to-side, or from lock position to lock position, until no more fluid is coming out of the hose.

Step 6

Turn off the engine.

Step 7

Empty the container.

Step 8

Reconnect the return hose to the reservoir.

Step 9

Pour new fluid in the reservoir, filling to the upper line.

Step 10

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to get excess air out of the system.

Step 11

Check the reservoir and add more fluid if necessary.

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