How to Install a Clutch on a Yamaha Banshee

by Contributing WriterUpdated October 25, 2017
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Items you will need

  • New clutch kit

  • Socket and ratchet set

  • Oil

  • Service manual

After thousands of squeezes the clutch on your Yamaha Banshee finally needs replacing. Instead of taking it to the shop and paying big bucks for labor, save yourself some money by installing a new clutch yourself. Its easier than it sounds and can be done in an hour or two. You'll be back on the trails tearing it up in no time and get a sense of pride you did the work yourself.

Jack the bike up with the front a little lower than the back and drain the oil. Take the filler cap off and it will flow out much quicker.

Remove the crankcase cover to get to the clutch. Take a close look at the gasket and change it if its worn out.

Remove the clutch housing cover with a ratchet and socket.

Remove the bolts on the pressure plate in a criss-cross pattern. Be careful when you remove them not to misplace the springs that are behind them. Pull the pressure plate out and catch the lifter behind the plate.

Loosen and remove the friction plates, then the judder springs. Don't get their positions confused, when you reinstall them, they need to line up perfectly.

Replace the worn parts and then reverse the steps above to reinstall. When tightening the bolts on the pressure and friction plate, make sure you use the proper torque.

Ensure sure there is 2mm to 4mm of free play in the clutch lever to avoid wear on the clutch plates. Replace the oil, fire up your bike and hit the trails.


Soak the friction plates in the crankcase's oil at least one hour before installing. This will make the installation smooth and lubricate the friction plates.


Don't over torque the pressure and friction plate bolts. Tighten bolts in a criss-cross pattern to avoid damaging the threads.

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