How to Get a Key Out of Vehicles

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

As a child, you might have witnessed one of your parents use a wire or metal hanger to unlock their car door when the Vehicles keys got inside of the car. Jimmying a wire object between the door panel and the window would loosen the lock, allowing the door to open so your keys were retrievable. In older model cars, this method worked fine, but in newer models, attempting to jimmy your locks by yourself could result in significant damage to your power door locks and power windows. If you lock your keys in your Vehicles call a professional Vehicles assistance.

Under The Hood:

 How to Get a Key Out of a Pontiac

Put the car in "park" and turn off the ignition. If you have turned off the car while it's in drive, in most automatic transmission models of Pontiacs you will not be able to remove the key from the ignition. This is a safety mechanism to keep people from pulling the keys out while they are driving.

Turn the steering wheel back and forth while the car is off and in "park." This small back and forth movement will engage the safety mechanism that holds the key in the ignition, freeing it from the key slot.

Turn the key counter-clockwise as far as you can without forcing it. Many Pontiac models have a multi-position ignition switch that turns on the accessories and starts the car in different positions. The last position, closest to the driver, frees the key.

Press the key release button. Some models of Pontiac vehicles are equipped with a key release button that must be depressed in order to free the key from the ignition. This button is located on the steering column, next to the ignition/keyhole.

Clean the ignition keyhole. Using a can of pressurized air followed by a spray lubricant, such as WD-40, you can remove dirt and debris that have built up inside the ignition, causing the key to stick in the slot.

Insert the wire from a coat hanger in the small hole located on the steering column, under the ignition. Pontiac has added this hole as an access point to release stuck keys. Insert the wire into the hole and jiggle your key a little until it comes out.

Items you will need

  • Air in a can

  • WD-40 lubricant

  • Wire coat hanger

 How to Get the Key Out of a Locked Chrysler Minivan

Contact a local locksmith for assistance in removing your car keys from your locked car.

Give your address or location to the locksmith. The locksmith will use special tools to unlock your Chrysler minivan.

Pay the locksmith and get into your minivan to retrieve your car keys.

 How to Get a Key Out of a Saab

Turn the ignition key once from the off position until you feel it click into the first notch. Most Saabs have three notch positions: off (you have inserted the key into the ignition slot); notch one (basic electrics); and notch two (starting the engine). Put the car into reverse gear. Keep the car in reverse and change the ignition key back to the off position. Remove the key from the ignition slot.

Squirt lubricant, such as WD40, into the mechanism between the key and the ignition slot. Restrict the amount of fluid injected using a narrow tube, which usually comes with the lubricant. Wipe excess lubricant with a dry cloth. Put the car into reverse, return the key to the off position and attempt to remove the key.

Determine if the locking mechanism is broken. Remove the casings around the internal locking mechanism. Broken components will be bent, cracked or ripped. Repair the locking mechanism. Remove any broken parts by unclipping them or unscrewing them using a screwdriver. Buy a replacement from a hardware shop, or take the broken part to a dealer to ask for a replacement.

Tighten loose linkages. Open the trunk. Remove the vinyl liner inside the trunk lid. Locate the small, black box containing the linkage mechanism. Open the box by unclipping the lid. Replace broken actuators which operate the cams inside the linkage mechanism. Tighten the linkages so the key fully engages when you test it.

Repair blown central locking relays. Open the passenger's door if possible. Get inside the vehicle. Unscrew and lift out the knee-board, which is located directly in front of the passenger seat. Reach in and locate a small, black plastic box that is attached to the top of the floor heating tube. Replace the existing fuse.

Replace micro-switches in faulty door locks. Micro-switches are located inside the door, behind the lock. There is no easy route to them. Strip down the internal door casing using a screw driver. Locate the slide mechanism on top of the internal fittings. Fix the slide mechanism if broken or stuck or replace the whole lock barrel with a new one for best results. Test the new lock. Re-fit the door casings.

Items you will need

  • Multi-purpose lubricant, such as WD40

  • Narrow tube

  • Dry cloth

  • Screwdriver

  • Relay fuse

  • Lock barrel

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