How to Change the Oil in a 2007 Cobalt

by Zyon SilketUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Ramps

  • Drain pan

  • 15 mm socket

  • 32 mm socket

  • Oil filter

  • Oil filter o-ring

  • 4 qts. 5W30 engine oil

  • Funnel

According to the 2007 Chevy Cobalt owner’s manual, you should change the engine oil every 3,000 miles. When you change the oil, you should also remove and install a new oil filter. By doing so, you ensure your engine has the freshest oil possible. This will lengthen the number of miles you will get out of your Cobalt. The process for changing the oil in the Cobalt is different than the process used for changing the oil on most late model vehicles because the engine uses a filter cartridge that fits into a permanent filter housing.

Drive the Chevy Cobalt onto a set of ramps and secure the parking brake.

Remove the oil filler cap on the top of the engine. The cap recesses into the engine cover. Removing the filler cap reduces the suction on the oil system and allows the oil to flow out of the oil pan faster.

Remove the oil pan drain plug on the bottom, backside of the oil pan with a 15 mm socket and ratchet. Drain the engine oil into a drain pan and then tighten the drain plug.

Pull the engine cover off the engine. The cover secures using a series of clips. When you pull up on the cover, the clips pull free of the engine. This exposes the oil filter housing.

Remove the cap from the oil filter housing using a 32 mm socket and ratchet. The cap is just in front of the yellow transmission dipstick.

Remove the wing nut that secures the oil filter onto the cap, pull the filter off the cap and then place the new filter onto the cap. Tighten it in place with the wing nut.

Remove the old filter cap o-ring and place the new o-ring onto the cap. Lubricate the cap with a little motor oil.

Place the filter into the filter housing and tighten the cap with the 32 mm socket.

Drain 4 qts. of 5W30 engine oil into the oil filler cap.

Place the engine cover back on top of the engine and snap it into place. Thread the oil filler cap back onto the top of the engine.

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