How to Change Out the Cabin Air Filter in Chevrolet Cars

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

You won't find them in the older Chevrolet car but the newer ones come equipped with cabin air filters. These cabin air filters are fairly new to the automotive industry and filter out pollutants, contaminants and allergens from getting into the passenger cabin of the vehicles. As important as the engine air filters are to filter our contaminants to the combustible engine, the cabin air filter ensures you're breathing quality air. As is the case with any type of filter, after a while they clog up. Replacing them in a Chevrolet car is fairly easy and can save you a little money on labor charges. Refer to the owner's manual on maintenance schedules for how often you should change the filters.

Under The Hood:

 How to Change Out the Cabin Air Filter in a Chevrolet Truck

Open up the right front (passenger) door.

Squat down into the floorboard area below the glove box. You'll notice a kick plate panel there with a few screws in it. Remove the screws with the Philips screwdriver and remove the kick plate panel.

Remove the screw from the cabin air filter door (now visible from under the kick plate panel) using a ratchet and socket.

Unhinge the cabin air filter door and set aside.

Remove the front cabin air filter by pulling it down and then out towards you. Slide the rear cabin air filter forward, pull down and then pull toward you again.

Install new cabin air filters reversing the procedure.

Re-hang the cabin air filter door on the hinge and secure it with the screw.

Reattach the kick plate panel.

Items you will need

  • Phillips screwdriver Ratchet and socket set

 How to Replace Cabin Air Filter in a Tahoe

Obtain GM filter number CV948C. Check with your local auto parts store to see if an aftermarket substitute is available.

Look closely under the glove box on the passenger side of the Tahoe. Remove the access panel by removing the three screws holding the panel to the glove box.

Remove the panel and pull the old filter out. Insert the new filter as far as it will go.

Replace the access panel and the screws to finish up.

Items you will need

  • GM filter number CV948C

  • Phillips screwdriver

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in a 1994 Chevy 1500

Locate the black filter housing behind the glove box on the passenger side of the vehicle. The cover for the filter housing is located on the right side of the housing.

Snap the cover off the housing with your fingers and pull out the flat, square filter inside the housing.

Slide the new filter into the housing. Take note of the arrow on the filter. The arrow must face away from the housing cover.

Place the cover onto the filter housing and snap it into place with your fingers.

 How to Change the Cabin Air Filter in a Lumina

Lift the hood and prop it open. Disconnect the windshield washer hose from the cowl of the Lumina by pulling on the hose.

Pry the snap rings loose that attach the air inlet grill to the cowl, using a screwdriver. Pull the inlet grill up.

Pull the cabin air filter tray out from under the inlet grill. Pull the old filter out of the tray and place a new filter in the tray. Reinsert the tray under the inlet grill.

Push the inlet grill down against the cowl and push the snap rings back into place.

Reattach the washer hose to the cowl.

Items you will need

  • Screwdriver

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