How do I Change Tires on Ford Cars

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

Changing a tire is an essential skill to have Ford car any Ford car van owner. Your van comes with a spare tire that is a portion of the size of a regular tire, so that you can use it temporarily, until you're able to get a permanent tire installed. Tires should be changed if the tread gets too low, you blow a flat or have a bad leak. The process of changing a tire is quick as long as you have the proper tools.

Under The Hood:

 How do I Change Tires on Ford Econoline?

Position the car jack underneath the van so that you can lift one side off the ground.

Lift the car by raising the jack. Depending on the type of jack, there will be a lever for you to turn or a place for you to step to jack the car up.

Loosen and remove the lug nuts with your tire wrench. Keep them in a safe place because you'll need them for the spare.

Place the spare tire firmly into the wheel well. Replace the lug nuts with the tire wrench. Make sure that the nuts are on tight so the wheel doesn't slip at all.

Lower the jack so that all of your tires are touching the ground. Repeat for any other tires you need to change.

Items you will need

  • Car jack

  • Tire wrench

 How to Change a Tire on a Ford Expedition

Acquire your jack tools and jacking instructions. These items are located under the access panel located in the floor compartment behind the rear seat.

Take out the jack and tools assembly tray from the compartment by rotating the wing-nut counterclockwise to reduce tension against the jack assembly tray. From the plastic tray unsnap the wheel lug nut wrench, jack extension and handle.

Unsnap the wheel lug nut wrench, jack extension and handle from the plastic tray. Find your spare tire, which is under the vehicle just beyond the rear bumper, and collapse the rear seat down.

Get the jack handle and winch extension from the tray and put them together.

Release the spare tire winch access plug in the bottom of the compartment just behind the third row seat very close to the jack and tools tray. Put in the winch extension tool assembly through the access hole in the floor and engage in the winch.

Turn the handle counterclockwise until the tire is lowered to the ground and the cable is slightly slack to remove the spare tire. Slip the retainer through the center of the spare tire wheel.

Activate hazard flashers, park on a level surface and set the parking brake.

Be sure the Engine is off, put gearshift lever in P (Park), and block the diagonally opposite wheel.

Get the spare tire and jack tools from their storage area.

Utilize the tip of the jack handle to remove any wheel trim. Loosen each wheel lug nut one-half turn counterclockwise. This is not to be done until the wheel is raised off the ground.

Situate the jack according to the jack locator arrows found on the frame and turn the jack handle and extension tool assembly clockwise. Raise the vehicle so the tire is not further than 1 inch off the ground when changing the spare tire.

Remove the lug nuts with the lug wrench.

Substitute the flat tire with the spare tire, noting that the valve stem is facing outward. Reinstall the lug nuts making sure the wheel is snug against the hub. Do not fully tighten the lug nuts until the jack and the wheel has been lowered.

Bring down the wheel by turning the jack handle counterclockwise. Take away the jack and fully tighten the lug nuts and reinstall the wheel cover. Also release the lock on the wheels.

Set flat tire, jack, lug wrench and tools back in their place. A securely fastened jack will alleviate any rattling when you drive.

Remember that during the changing tire process you might have turned off the air suspensions. Now is the time to turn on the air suspensions switch (if equipped).

 How to Change a Tire on a 2002 Ford F150

Park your F150 on a level surface and apply the parking brake. Open the hood. Remove the jack handle from the radiator support at the front of the engine bay. Remove the jack and lug wrench from under the front passenger seat on regular cab and super cab models, and from the passenger side storage compartment on crew cab models.

Locate the spare tire key, normally stowed in the glove box. Insert the key into the jack handle by pushing it into place until it is fully seated. Insert the jack handle with the key facing forward into the hole in the rear bumper near the license plate. Turn the jack handle counterclockwise to lower the spare tire. Stop turning the handle when the tire is on the ground.

Spin the threaded spare tire retainer at the center of the wheel in a counterclockwise direction and remove it. Slide the tire from under the rear of the truck and roll it to near the location of the tire to be changed.

Chock the wheel on both sides that is diagonally opposite the tire that you will be changing to keep your F150 from rolling when it is jacked up.

Remove the wheel trim on the tire to be changed by placing the flat-edged side of the lug wrench into the notch of the trim and twisting it slightly. Set the trim aside. Loosen the five lug nuts with the lug wrench in a counterclockwise direction 1/2 turn. Do not completely remove the lug nuts yet.

Place the jack under the frame rail on the side from which you will be removing a front tire, or place the jack under the rear axle housing on the side you want to raise if you are changing a rear tire. Remove the spare tire key from the jack handle. Insert the handle into the jack and turn it in a clockwise direction until the wheel is off the ground.

Finish removing the lug nuts with the lug wrench, turning in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from the hub. Place the spare wheel onto the hub, making sure to line up the holes with the wheel studs. Replace the lug nuts with the tapered side facing inward, and tighten with the lug wrench in a clockwise direction.

Turn the jack handle in a counterclockwise direction to lower the truck. Tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern to insure the wheel seats fully to the hub. Press the wheel trim back onto the wheel until it snaps into place. Stow the wheel and tire changing tools in the reverse order of above. Close the hood and remove the wheel chocks.

Items you will need

  • Jack handle

  • Jack

  • Lug wrench

  • Spare tire key

  • Spare tire

  • 2 wheel chocks

 How to Change a Tire on a 2000 Ford Taurus

Raise the side of the Ford Taurus next to the tire you're changing, using the car jack.

Remove the lug nuts securing the tire to the frame of the Ford Taurus, using the tire iron. Place the lug nuts in a safe place.

Pull the old tire off the Ford Taurus's frame and set the old tire to the side in a clean spot away from your work area.

Place the new tire onto the frame of the Ford Taurus. Replace the tire lug nuts to the bolts coming through the tire's rim around the center of the tire.

Tighten the tire's lug nuts using the tire iron. Lower the Ford Taurus back to the ground.

Items you will need

  • Tire iron

  • Car jack

  • New tire

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