Horsepower of a 2007 Suzuki M109R Engine

by Yufi Yo

Suzuki M109R is a member of Suzuki Boulevard family of motorcycles. "M" stands for "muscle." It is a power cruiser that combines power characteristics of Suzuki sport motorbikes with futuristic cruiser styling.

Engine Type

Suzuki M109R features a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin engine. Its cylinders are arranged in a "V" configuration 54 degrees apart. Five-speed manual transmission transfers power to a shaft final drive. The motorcycle features two-stage cam drive that allows shorter cylinders and lower center of gravity.

Engine Size

M109R has a total pistol displacement of 1,783 cubic centimeters, or 109 cubic inches. Although it is not the largest twin-cam motorcycle engine, Suzuki claims that M109R is the most powerful V-twin cruiser. According to Suzuki, the 4.4-inch pistons used in the engine are "the largest reciprocating-engine pistons being used in any production passenger car or motorcycle on earth," as of 2011.


The engine's output is listed at 121 hp and 118 foot-pounds of torque. M109R's weight of over 700 lbs. tempers performance of this powerful engine.

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