Honda Z50R Specifications

by Paul McCormick
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The Honda Z50R motorcycle was a chain-driven, mini trail bike that was introduced in 1979. It was in production until 1999, and during the course of its 20-year production run, more than half a million individual units were produced. This made it one of the most successful models ever produced by Honda in terms of units sold.


The engine had a displacement of 59 cubic centimeters, or 3.05 cubic inches. It was a single cylinder, four-cycle engine with two valves: one for intake and the other for exhaust. It was air-cooled and used a carburetor to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber.

Frame and Suspension

The rear swing arm suspension had two shock absorbers, as did the front fork. The Z50R had a wheelbase of 32 inches and a seat height of just over 22 inches. The dry weight of the bike was 109 pounds.


The engine was connected to a three-speed transmission with an automatic clutch. From there, power was delivered to the rear wheel by means of a drive chain.

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