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by Mark Orwell

There are so many kinds of transportation out there that some of the smaller types can often be overlooked. Take the scooter for example. They have been around for a long time, though mostly are seen in Europe and in major cities, where large distances don't need to be covered. For most Americans, the scooter is not even thought about. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, though, the scooter saw resurgence in popularity. One of these scooters is the Honda Metropolitan, which continues to be a hot seller to this date.


The Honda Metropolitan scooter has a shape that resembles classic Vespa scooters from Italy. They are small, two-wheeled automobiles. The back of the scooter is the largest part and is where the rider sits. The floorboard in the middle is thin and open where riders can rest their feet and have enough room to ride comfortable. To the front of the scooter are the handlebars, which rise above the front wheel. A single headlight sits in the front of the scooter, and two rear-view mirrors resembling insect antennas come out of the handlebar area. Typically, the Metropolitan is two-toned, with one color being white. Newer models have more variety in their color scheme.


There are some interesting features that come with the Honda Metropolitan. The first lies under the seat of the scooter. The seat itself lifts up to reveal a hollow space that can be used for storage. It can hold a scooter helmet and still have room for other carryons, whether they are computer cases, small pieces of luggage, or a gym bag. The other notable feature of these scooters is a handlebar lock. When in park the handlebar and front wheel can be locked in a 45-degree angle, which makes them more difficult to roll away on accident or in the case of theft.

Technical Information

The Honda Metropolitan scooter features a 49 cc 4-stroke engine. This gives the scooter the power to travel at speeds of just under 40 mph. This is perfect for back roads and city driving, but makes the scooter not well suite for highways or expressways. They have decent gas mileage, averaging between 80 and 110 mpg. The tank itself can hold 1.3 gallons of fuel.


In 2002, the American version of this scooter, the Metropolitan, was introduced and came in six different colors. By 2005, the original paint colors were mostly done away with, and were replaced with special graphical paint schemes. Paint colors the scooter was available in changed every year, while the engine and other technical aspects remained the same.


The Honda Metropolitan is available in other countries as well, but under different names. In Australia, for example, the scooter is called the Honda Scoopy. The dimensions and technical aspects are the same, and it is offered in orange and silver. There is also the Honda Jazz in Canada. Which has been available since 2005, and the Japanese Honda Crea Scoopy, which is the most varied as far as colors go, and inspired the Metropolitan to expand the color varieties it has available.

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