Homemade Tricycles

by Ken Hamilton

Tricycle, a derivative of motorcycle, is a vehicle with three wheels. It has a capacity for two people and has enough space for luggage.

It will be more economical if you try to convert your motorcycle into a tricycle instead of purchasing one at a dealership. It does not take much effort in building your own homemade tricycle -- with the proper tools and skill, you can easily transform your motorcycle into a trike in just a short time.

Prop up your motorcycle and take away the rear wheel by removing the castle nuts on both sides of the rear axle and slowly slide the wheel in order for you to remove the chain from the sprocket Pull the wheel off the swing arm and the rear axle from the hub.

You have to take into consideration the width you want for your homemade tricycle, so you can construct an axle of your own choice. Usually, a tricycle's width is half its length, and its length is half of your motorcycle. Measure the length of rear axle that you need for your trike's dimensions, and subtract the required length from your rear axle. After you get the difference, you divide it into two and the length that you will get will be the required length of axle that has to be welded.

With the use of a lathe, match the width of the steel metal with the axle and cut it to match the required length. Afterward, weld the steel to each end of the axle and weld the wheel hubs to the ends of the bigger axle. Put the axle back in its place on the swing arm, and put back the castle nuts and the chain on their places.

Attach the trailer wheels to the tip of your axle through the wheel hubs and tighten all the lug nuts.

It is good to have your homemade tricycle registered in order to satisfy safety concerns, even if converted motorcycles are not required to register in your city. Check with your state or local government before you take your homemade tricycle on the road.

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