Homemade Jeep Storage Box

by Nathaniel Miller

If you are tired not having any storage space in your Jeep, you need to build a storage box to either mount on a hitch rack or on a roof rack. Jeep storage boxes offer a large amount of storage space for a relatively limited amount of investment by the Jeep owner. Build storage boxes in nearly any shape or size and effectively double or triple the amount of space that you have available for luggage and other items.

Wooden Boxes

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest to make, wooden boxes offer convenience and all of the features of boxes made of other materials as well. Nearly anyone can build a wooden storage box for a Jeep. Simply screw together three rectangular pieces of plywood in the required dimensions and then mount a lid on the top with a pair of hinges and a latch in order to secure it. You can make this as basic or as complicated as you like, adding things such as weather stripping, lacquer and mounting straps to customize your Jeep box.

Metal Boxes

You can use a multitude of types of metal sheeting for metal Jeep storage boxes. Metal storage boxes are especially nice because of their security and weatherproof abilities. Rather than screwing the sides of the box together, you can weld the box together at the seams, making the box nearly impenetrable and weatherproof at the same time. Mount the lid on the top with pair of metal, stainless steel hinges and then use a couple keyed latches to make your metal box the most secure it can possibly be. It is generally best to mount the wooden box and the metal boxes on the rear hitch rack, rather than on the roof rack, as they are quite heavy.

Plexiglass Boxes

While not one of the mainstream choices for building a Jeep storage box, you can make a secure and weatherproof box from thick, colored Plexiglass. Glue the glass together with industrial epoxy and mount the top with regular or strap hinges. Plexiglass is easy to work with, secure and weatherproof if handled properly. The only downside to the Plexiglass box is that it is easier to break than a metal or even wooden box can, however, it is much lighter, and you can mount one to a roof rack.

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