Homemade Car Polish

by Rhomylly Forbes
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Most of us don't wash our cars as often as we should for optimum care of the paint and finish. Even if we do wash our cars on a regular basis, we neglect the all-important step of adding a coat of polish. Polishing your car helps the paint and finish do their job--keep your vehicle from developing rust--by removing the tiny abrasives and dirt that just washing can leave behind.

You can make your own car polish at home, saving money and an extra trip to the store.

Step 1

Prepare the base. Grate the bar of handsoap until you have 1/2 cup of soap flakes. Mix the soap flakes with 1/2 cup of water in the bowl and allow to sit overnight. This will dissolve the soap.

Step 2

Melt the beeswax. Combine 1/2 ounce of beeswax and 1/2 cup jojoba oil in the top of a double boiler and cook over medium heat until the beeswax melts. Remove from the heat.

Step 3

Mix the polish. Add the melted soap flakes to the beeswax/jojoba mixture and blend with a hand mixer until creamy.

Step 4

Polish your car. Apply creamy mixture to your car with a soft cloth as you would any other car polish and buff to a shine with a soft, dry cloth. Store any leftovers in a sealed, airtight container.

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