How to Get Heavy Items Into My Pickup Truck?

by Jen Davis
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Pickup trucks are ideal for hauling large or heavy items, however it can sometimes be a real struggle to load heavy or awkwardly shaped items into the truck bed. While the simplest way to load heavy objects into the bed of a truck is to have several people pitch in, not everyone has a large number of strong, healthy people just hanging around every time they need help. You can use ramps and a bit of creativity to make loading heavy objects into your truck an easier process.

Step 1

Buy a high-quality set of metal ramps for your pickup. Attach the ramps to the truck bed and lower them to the ground to create an inclined ramp into the bed of the truck.

Step 2

Load the heavy item onto a dolly and strap or tie it down to make sure it will not come free when you are pulling it into the bed of the truck. If the item is fragile, you may want to wrap it in a blanket or quilt for additional protection.

Step 3

Climb into the bed of the truck and lean the dolly back against the ramp. Pull the dolly upwards along the ramp, using the leverage it provides to gently slide the dolly and object into the bed of the truck. If someone else is around to help, you may want to ask them to push up on the bottom of the dolly and help slide the heavy item into the bed of the truck.

Step 4

Remove the heavy object from the dolly and secure it in the bed of the truck. Make sure it can not move, as heavy objects can damage a truck if they slide around too much at fast speeds.

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