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How to Grease a Chevy Truck

by Damon Hildebrand

Greasing a Chevy truck is necessary only for the drivetrain, or under-carriage, of the truck. Most grease fittings are found around the front axle, and they include steering components. With the exception of the rear U-joint and slip yoke on the main drive shaft, the rear axle area requires no grease. Drive shaft components operate with close proximity to other parts. For this reason, U-joints use a plug that must be replaced with a grease fitting for servicing.

Step 1

Clean the underside of the Chevy truck’s carriage with a degreaser and water. Depending on the brand of degreaser you use, follow the directions and allow it to soak into the caked-on grease and dirt before rinsing.

Step 2

Allow the carriage area to dry completely before attempting to locate and service the grease fittings.

Step 3

Start on the passenger side of the front axle, next to the inside of the wheel. Locate the grease fitting at the top of the steering arm and clean it with a lint-free rag.

Step 4

Connect the grease gun coupling to the grease fitting by pressing it onto the fitting until it snaps into place. Pump the handle of the grease gun until excess grease just starts to exit around the seal area. Each time you apply grease, look for the grease to exit from the seals, indicating that the point is fully greased.

Step 5

Remove the grease coupling and move to the lower pivot point of the steering arm. Clean the grease fitting before connecting the grease gun coupling.

Step 6

Clean the grease fitting on the pitman arm that connects the steering box to the steering arm. Clean and fill this grease fitting in the same manner as you did the steering arm.

Step 7

Move to the driver’s side of the front axle area and grease the steering arm on the top and bottom fittings located next to the wheel.

Step 8

Grease the drive shaft U-bolts and slip yoke between the transmission and the rear axle. The slip yoke is fitted with a grease fitting near the base of the transmission. Slip the coupling onto the fitting and pump the grease gun until grease exits from the slip yoke.

Step 9

Remove the 1/4-inch grease plugs in each of the two U-joints, using a 1/8-inch Allen wrench. With the plugs removed, install a grease fitting into the plug hole and screw it in clockwise. Hand-tighten the grease fitting and apply grease to the U-joint until it exits from the seals.

Remove the grease fitting and reinstall the plug using the 1/8-inch Allen wrench.


  • Frequently cleaning the undercarriage of your Chevy truck simplifies servicing and greasing.
  • If the ball joints or tie-rod ends have been replaced, they may have grease fittings as well.

Items you will need

  • Degreaser
  • Water
  • Grease gun
  • Lint-free rag
  • 1/8-inch Allen wrench

About the Author

Damon Hildebrand is a retired U.S. Navy veteran. He has more than 15 years within the oil and gas industry in both technical and managerial positions. Hildebrand has been a technical writer and communicator for the last four years. He is a certified specialists in lubrication and tribology, as well as a certified maintenance and reliability professional.

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