How to Check the Differential Fluid in a Dodge RAM 1500

by John Walker
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Dodge designed the Ram 1500 with two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. The four-wheel drive options use a transfer case and front and rear differentials. The front and rear differentials operate in the same manner when engaging four-wheel drive. The fluids for the differential depend upon the type of differential installed. A standard differential uses SAE 80w140. Limited slip, Dana 60 or a Spicer differential uses SAE 80w90. Identify the proper type by locating the vehicle information sticker under the hood of the vehicle or consulting your owner's manual.

Step 1

Locate the fill plug on the rear and front differentials. The plugs are round, slightly convex rubber pieces near the top quarter of the differentials.

Step 2

Slide a flat-head screwdriver under the lip, and pop out the plug.

Step 3

Insert the short end of an L-shaped Allen wrench into the hole, and slightly spin the Allen wrench. Remove the Allen wrench. The differential is full if there is a slight amount of fluid on the tip of the Allen wrench. Fill, as necessary, using the appropriate weight oil.

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