How to Get the Governor Taken Out of a Mustang

by Christopher Michael
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Stock Ford Mustangs can go faster, but Ford installs a speed governor to limit how fast the Mustang can drive. The governor helps keep the vehicle, driver, passengers and public safe. Driving over the speed limit is illegal, so most drivers who remove the governor register the Mustang for legally sanctioned track races. The governor is not a physical part, but a program written into the car's electronic control unit, or ECU. The ECU needs to be rewritten in a process called "Chipping."

Step 1

Find a performance ECU programmer specific to your year and make of Mustang. These programmers are unlikely to be in stock at a store, so your best bet is to order one on the Internet or through a catalog.

Step 2

Read the programmer's instructions carefully. Most programmers will automatically upload performance enhancement programs, but will not eliminate the speed limiter. Find out how to customize the program to you can set the speed limiter manually.

Step 3

Turn off the radio, all lights and any other electronic equipment in the vehicle. Plug the programmer into the OBD outlet found on the dash underneath the steering column. Look at the screen on the programmer and, when prompted, turn the key to the "On" position in the ignition.

Step 4

Read and follow the prompts on the programmer. Act quickly because some programmers will automatically upload unless you hit a key within a certain time frame. Find the customized speed limiter menu.

Step 5

Set the speed limiter very high, so it won't be an issue and is essentially removed.

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