Goodyear Viva Tire Problems

by Brenda Priddy
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Goodyear Viva tires are a low-end tire sold at Walmart and Walmart stores. The Goodyear Viva tire has benefits such as price and versatility, but there are also reported problems with the brand. It is important to make educated decisions about the potential problems with any tire line before making a purchasing choice.


The biggest problem that many drivers have with Viva tires is their safety. While there has never been a recall of the tire, there have been complaints and instances of the tires wearing poorly or blowing out. The tires sometimes wear on their sides prematurely which can cause blowouts during high speeds or if pressure is exerted on the tire. There have been reports of treads coming loose from the tires during driving. A few reviews have stated that the tires perform poorly on icy or slick surfaces.


Many of the Goodyear Viva tires are sold with a warranty. Individuals who have had problems with the tires before the end of the warranty period have reported difficulty in obtaining the refund for the tires. The warranty has been honored if the tires are deemed to wear poorly. Other reports indicate that partial refunds were given rather than the full amount.


The price for Goodyear Viva tires in 2010 was around $100 per tire, similar to other discount tires. The Viva tire is classified as a touring tire, offering average traction, speed, warranty and longevity. The tires are commonly given a warranty between 60,000 and 80,000 miles. With some other tires the initial cost may be higher, but the tires last longer.


Users of Viva tires have reported uneven wear on the tires. The tires can become noisy and uneven after several thousand miles of driving. Some tires may wear down to the steel rim after several thousand miles of driving. The side walls of the tires can separate from the treads causing a safety hazard.


When choosing a tire for your vehicle the cheapest option may not always be the best. Although many people have had no problems with the Viva line of tires, the potential for the problems are all there. Since the quality of tires used on a vehicle can be the determining factor between a car wreck or a safe driving experience, it is best to go with the highest quality of tire that you can afford.

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