Golf Cart Daily Inspection Checklist

by Tanya Gulliver
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Golf carts are frequently used for transportation, deliveries and security patrols for corporations and on large university campuses. They enable cost-efficient and fast travel between buildings. Capable of running on paths, sidewalks and grass, they don't need to follow the roads that traditional vehicles must stick to. To maintain the golf cart in proper working order, operators should conduct a daily equipment and safety inspection.


Check that all lights are in working order. This includes head, brakes and tail lights, as well as turn signals.


Inspect the tires for wear, punctures and cuts. Check to make sure there is sufficient tire pressure by using a tire pressure gauge. A visual inspection can also show if the tire appears to be flat.


Check underneath the cart to make sure there are no fluid leaks. Move the cart and check the ground underneath to see if it is wet. If there is a spot, check it with your finger to make sure it isn't clear, which would indicate condensation or rain water.


Clean the windshield and mirrors. Make sure the mirrors are in the correct position for the driver.


Ensure all gears are operating properly. Check the steering and brakes. If applicable, make sure the reverse beep is working.

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