GMC Starter Removal

by Gregory Crews

Replacing the starter in your GMC is a must when you have exhausted every troubleshooting technique possible to your ignition system. The starter is controlled by an electric motor that engages the flywheel. This starts the cycle that gets the crankshaft turning and makes the truck start.

Locating the Starter

Begin the starter removal by disconnecting the battery. Working with any electrical systems will require isolating the electricity. Locating the starter on your GMC will require crawling under the vehicle. Look where the transmission meets up with the engine and the starter will be directly in between. The starter is held on by two bolts and two wires. You will need a socket wrench and a socket set to complete this task.

Removing the Starter

You will want to remove the positive wire from the solenoid valve on the starter. The positive wire is bolted into a threaded stud. Back the nut off the stud to loosen the positive wire. The wire will slide out. Loosen the bottom bolt from the starter to the mounting assembly to remove the negative wire and the bottom bolt. The wire will come off with the bolt. Locate and remove the top bolt to loosen the starter. The starter may have a seal to the flywheel housing, making it hard to remove. You may need to tap the starter with a hammer to loosen the seal. The starter will come down. Lower it to the ground.

Core Charge

When the job is done you will want to take the old starter back to the parts store. When you purchased the new starter you were charged a core charge. This is to ensure you bring back the bad starter. They will refund you the core charge when you return the starter.

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