GM Service Parts Identification

by Helen Akers

General Motors places a service parts identification label on each of its vehicles. The label's exact placement on the vehicle is dependent upon the make and model. The service parts identification label identifies the part options, paint color codes and paint types.

Location of the Parts Identification Label

The service parts identification label is a self-adhesive sticker. Depending upon the make and model of the vehicle, it can be located underneath the hood, inside the glove box door, on the inside of the rear door or on the inside of the center console. The service parts identification label is included on all General Motor vehicles that are model year 1985 or later.

Service Parts Identification Label Information

The service parts identification label contains a row of codes. These codes correspond to specific vehicle production options, such as tinted windows. Option codes are either specific to an individual part or represent a group of part options, such as brakes.

Service Parts Identification Label Code Interpretation

The service parts identification label helps identify which replacement parts are necessary in the event of vehicle restoration and repair. General Motors technicians should be able to identify which parts or paint colors to use from the label. There is a master list that identifies what the codes stand for.

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