The Fuel Pump Location in a Mercedes C280

by Harry Havemeyer

The Mercedes C280 was one of the German brand's entry level cars based on the W203 chassis. This model came out from 2001 through 2007, when the W203 chassis was replaced by the W204 chassis, at which point Mercedes dropped the C280 model. The C-Class line of compact luxury sedans competes directly with the BMW 3-Series.

Fuel Pump Location

The fuel pump in the Mercedes C280 is in the rear of the car on the passenger side near the fuel tank. The pump is directly next to the fuel filter under the chassis of the car behind the passenger side, rear wheel well. You can open a black plastic door in the wheel well using an 8-mm socket wrench which allows access to the pump for removal.


The function of the fuel pump is to deliver the right amount of fuel from the gas tank through the injectors and into the engine. A properly functioning fuel pump does this with precise pressures to make sure that the engine is receiving the proper amount of fuel based on throttle input.


The fuel pump in the C280 delivers fuel to a naturally aspirated 2.8 L V-6 engine. This engine is the mid-level engine offered in Mercedes C-Class models of this vintage. It's above the 2.3 L V-6 powered C230 and below the 3.5 L V-6 powered C350 in terms of performance.

Fuel Pump Care

To get the most life and optimum performance from your fuel pump, make sure that no sediment enters your gas tank or injector lines. Also, do not run your car on an empty tank as this puts your fuel pump under undue stress, causing premature wear on the seals and hurting the overall performance of the pumping mechanism.

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