My Front Wheel Hub Won't Come Off

by Charles Poole

The front wheel hub keeps the rim and tire attached to a car with lug nuts. The problem with the front wheel hub is that the rim can become oxidized in place. This can make for an annoying tire change if you run into problems. Getting your wheel off the wheel hub is not very hard to do. You don't have to take your car into a service shop to perform this task. You can do it yourself with little hassle.

Jack the car up from the front end so the wheel hub is lifted off the ground. Remove the lug nuts from the rim with a tire iron. Keep the lug nuts together so they aren't lost.

Spray a penetrating lubricant like WD-40 onto the entire wheel hub. Make sure that the lubricant seeps into the cracks under and around the connection from the wheel to the wheel hub.

Use a pry bar to remove the wheel from the car. Insert the pry bar into the crack where the wheel meets the hub. Put pressure on the pry bar until you feel the wheel coming loose from the hub.

Use the pry bar all around the wheel until it comes free from the wheel hub.

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