A Ford Taurus That Is Hard to Start When Cold

by David McGuffin
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If your Ford Taurus is difficult to start during the cold winter months, there could be a variety of problems with the vehicle. It is important to know that all cars, not just the Taurus, can experience difficulty in starting during winter months.


During winter months, the car battery can have a greater discharge than in summer months due to the harsher conditions. Using a trickle charger or a battery charger, plugged in overnight, can help to ensure that your battery is ready to go in the morning throughout the winter.


There are multiple sensors that work together to help ensure proper engine firing and timing, all of which could make the Ford harder to start during the cold winter months if they are not working properly. If your vehicle is displaying the check engine light, then there is a chance that the MAF (mass air flow), coolant temperature or intake air temperature sensors could be faulty.

Fuel System

If your Taurus is having issues with leaky fuel injectors or other problems with the fuel system (which could entail numerous different parts and components), then that could prevent the car from starting up properly during the winter. If it is simply too cold for the gasoline to evaporate, spraying liquid ethanol into the fuel system, which is sold commercially as anti-freeze for gas lines, can help to fix the problem.

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