Ford Keyless Entry Battery Replacement

by Rick Paulas

With the Ford keyless entry pad, owners of the car can lock or unlock the car doors, activate or deactivate the auto-lock feature and set up the perimeter alarm system. But even though the pad generally has the power for 100,000 uses, sometimes the battery inside runs out of juice. (Note: Pads that are installed at the dealer run on the car's battery power and won't need battery replacements. These directions are for pads that have been installed separately.)

Open the Cover

Take a flat-head screwdriver and pry open the cover. To do this, fit the screwdriver head into the small groove on the right side of the pad. Feel free to use a T-shirt or some other kind of cloth rag near the pad to keep from scratching off paint.

Release the Battery

Use a razor or knife to carefully pry out the rubber on the inside of the pad. This is the most difficult part, and where you can make the biggest mistake. Once cut open, you can remove the sealing groove, allowing you access to the battery inside.

Change Batteries

Remove the battery inside and replace it. The battery will be a small coil-cell battery. Make sure you replace it with the same kind of battery that's inside. Place the sealing plastic back in and test if it holds. If it is loose, use tape to keep it in place. Pop back on the cover and you're all set.

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