Ford F-250 Front Brake Rotor Removal

by Dan Ferrell

You can access and detach the front brake rotors on your Ford F-250 by removing the tire/wheel assembly. You should take the necessary precautions, however, to avoid damaging the brake caliper. Also, if you are installing a new rotor, make sure you have the correct replacement, especially if you have a 2005 model; Ford delivered two designs for the brake rotor and pads for this model.

Removing the Rotor

Remove at least half of the brake fluid from the brake master cylinder, using a hand siphon pump. This will prevent spilling the fluid when you are taking the brake caliper off the rotor. Place the brake cylinder lid on top, but do not replace it yet. Then place some shop rags underneath the master cylinder in case some of the fluid spills over. After you have raised the truck and removed the tire/wheel assembly with the rotor you must replace, place a large C-clamp over the brake caliper so that the back end of the tool touches the back of the caliper and the screwing bolt rests against the back of the front brake pad. Now thread in the C-clamp screw to force the caliper piston into its bore. This will let you easily remove and reinstall the caliper and brake pads after servicing the rotor. Unfasten the brake caliper and secure it to the coil spring with a wire. Do not let the caliper hang loose, or it will damage the rubber brake hose attached to it. If you plan to use the same rotor, match-mark it to one or more of the wheel studs so that you reinstall it in the same position. Then you can remove the rotor. Use 80-grit sand paper to thoroughly clean the wheel-bearing flange and the brake rotor mating surfaces from rust and debris to prevent rotor run-out and brake pulsation (see Resources for more information). When ready, install the rotor on the wheel hub. If you are reinstalling the same rotor, use the match marks to mount the unit in the position it was in before removal. Then reinstall the brake caliper and tire/wheel assembly and refill the brake master cylinder.

Burnishing the Rotor

Use this procedure only if you have replaced or resurfaced the rotor or installed new brake pads on the front of your Ford F-250. The system will transfer brake pad material on the surface of the rotor for better brake performance. Choose a road with very low or no traffic if possible. Then accelerate your pickup to 30 mph, and lightly depress the brake pedals so that the brake pad drags against the surface of the rotor. When coming to a stop, allow a couple of minutes for the brake pads and rotor to cool down. Repeat the process at least 20 times. After finishing, your brake pads and rotor will have been burnished.


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