Ford Escort Transmission Problems

by Terry Hollis
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The Ford Escort was introduced to North America in 1991 as the company's first "world car" after being sold in a number of other countries since 1968. If you own an Escort and are experiencing problems with your transmission, it's better to define the problem before taking it to a mechanic.

Reverse Problems

The 1998 Ford Escort Sport zx2 has had problems with stalling when the car is put in reverse. The car eventually starts but the problem can continue to the lower gears, where the engine produces a rattling sound. The torque converter may have drained down, or transmission fluid could be burned.

Contaminated Fluid

If the transmission overheats, it could be because of rusted lines in the radiator. These lines carry cooling and transmission fluid, but rusted lines can cause the two fluids to mix and cause your transmission to shut down. Installing an external transmission cooler will prevent this.

Clutch Problem

A clutch that is "one out" in the Ford Escort zx2 5 speed manual can cause a car to shake violently when you are driving. If you have to bring your clutch close to the top before it engages, then you'll know the clutch is slipping.

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