Ford Edge Braking Problems

by Kyra Sheahan

The Ford Edge is a sport utility vehicle that is associated with braking problems. According to the AutoBeef website, braking problems were the second-most complained about issue that owners reported with their 2007 Ford Edges.


Owners of 2007 Ford Edges report that their rotors have gone bad. One person said that their Edge's rotors were defective from the beginning of the vehicle's life cycle.

Vibration and Grinding

Some owners of 2007 Ford Edges reported that their brakes would vibrate or grind during slowing activity, specifically at 40 miles per hour. Braking activity would also cause a loud noise to occur. Brake rotors and pads had to be replaced on Edges that were relatively new. One owner had his replaced after only 1,000 miles.


Brake failure was reported by owners of 2007 Ford Edges at the Auto Recalls for Consumers website. Brake failure occurred while driving. However, upon closer inspection it was discovered that nothing seemed to be mechanically wrong with the brakes. The failure issue would come and go periodically, causing the owner to feel as though the vehicle was unreliable.

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