Ford Blue Oval Emblem Removal

by Allen Moore

The Blue Oval logo is the trademark image of the Ford Motor Co. and is an instantly recognizable icon of the American automotive industry. While the logo has been placed on all Ford vehicles, removal may become necessary in order to replace it due to damage from accidents or the elements.


Most Blue Oval emblems, or badges as they're often called, are simply attached to the vehicle with an industrial strength double-sided tape. These types are usually found on body panels on the vehicle's exterior. Clip mounted emblems are usually found on plastic parts, such as the vehicle's front grill. Interior emblems are most often molded into the trim piece they are on or are simply stickers that can be removed and replaced.


The common, adhesive mounted emblems may seem hard to remove, but with a few tricks of the trade, come off with a little effort. One tactic is to take dental floss and run it between the emblem and the body panel to cut through the double sided tape. This will leave some adhesive residue on the body panel that can easily be removed with small amounts of acetone soaked into a soft, detailing cloth. When removing the adhesive, be careful not to apply too much acetone, as damage to the vehicle's paint can occur. Make sure to wear work gloves when doing this as the floss can cut your fingers if too much force is applied. At times, the adhesive mounted emblem may be so tight to the body panel that running the floss behind it is nearly impossible. If this is the case, place a detailing razor (a plastic razor blade hat can be purchased at any retail auto parts store) between the emblem and body panel and work it back and forth until a sufficient gap is created. A plastic putty knife can also be used to achieve the same results. Be careful not to use screwdrivers or any other metal objects, which can damage the finish of the body panels. The clip mounted emblems require access to the back side of the grill or other plastic accessory where the emblem is found. From the back, push the clips inward (or outward depending on which direction the hooks at the end of the clips point) and push them through the openings. The emblem will pop out leaving behind no adhesive residue or need for clean up. These same steps can also be employed for removing model and engine designation badging on the vehicle's exterior, such as "F350" and "6.0 Power Stroke."


Once you have removed the residue, clean the area with rubbing alcohol, remove the wax paper backing on the adhesive found on the rear of the replacement emblem and press the new emblem firmly in place for a few seconds. For the clip-mounted type, position the clips over the openings in the grill, push the new emblem back through the openings and it will seat itself.

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