Ford 340 Specs

by Rob Wagner

The Ford Motor Company produced its 340A and 340B industrial tractors throughout most of the 1980s. The 340A was produced in 1983 and the 340B's production ran from 1984 to 1987. The tractors were medium-duty diesel-powered three-cylinder two-wheel drive vehicles. Both models could be equipped with front-end loader and backhoe attachments. Although the Ford 340A and 340B are all-purpose farm tractors, the attachments made them common equipment for cemetery digging and residential and light commercial construction work.

340A Power

The 340A was equipped with a three-cylinder diesel engine displacing 2.9 liters (175 cubic inches). It featured a 4.2-inch cylinder bore and 4.2-inch stroke with a high compression ratio of 16.3:1. The engine developed 44 horsepower and 130 ft.-lbs. of torque. The torque gives the 340A its pulling power.

340A Size

The Ford 340A featured an 81-inch wheelbase and overall length of 122 inches without loader or backhoe. It measured 67.6 inches wide and 52.6 inches tall. The frame cleared the ground by 13 inches. The engine carried 11 quarts of coolant and had an oil capacity of seven quarts. The fuel tank carried 16 gallons, and its turning radius was 10.9 feet. The 340A's total weight without attachments was 4,615 lbs.

340B Power

The later generation Ford 340B tractor featured a larger engine and cylinder bore. The three-cylinder diesel powerplant displaced 3.1 liters (192 cubic inches) with a 4.4-inch bore and the same stroke as the 340A at 4.2 inches. The compression ratio remained the same at 16.3:1. Its horsepower and torque rating climbed slightly to 48 horsepower and 136 ft.-lbs. of torque.

340B Size

The 340B's frame features similar dimensions to the 340A with slight alterations to accommodate the larger engine. The wheelbase remained identical to the 340A at 81 inches, but Ford lengthened the frame to 124 inches. The tractor was 67.6 inches wide and 55 inches tall at the engine cover. The 340B's ground clearance was 14 inches. The turning radius was 11 inches and the overall weight without the front loader and backhoe was 4,775 lbs. The engine's liquid capacities were identical to the 340A.

340A and 340B Attachments

The 340B featured a two-post roll bar above the driver's seat or the optional four-post roll bar with canopy. The front loader had a bucket capacity of 13.5 cubic feet with a width of 67.5 inches. It could rise to a full height of 127 inches in 3.7 seconds and lower to the ground in 2 seconds, according to Tractor Data. The backhoe can dig a depth of up to 151 inches. The backhoe's bucket width was 12 inches.

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