Ford Ranger 3.0 Fuel Injectors Removal

by Dan FerrellUpdated July 26, 2023

Before Getting Started

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tool to disconnect the fuel supply manifold on your Ranger model. More information on the proper tool needed can be found in the Resources box at the bottom. Also, find a safe place to park your Ford vehicle, away from appliances with open flames such as dryers and water heaters.

Relieving the Fuel System Pressure

Disconnect the ground battery cable and relieve the fuel system pressure. Remove the fuel filler can and use a fuel pressure gauge to relieve the system pressure. If you do not have one available, rent one from one of your local auto parts store. The gauge connects to the test port (air valve-like fitting) located on the fuel supply manifold line. Depending on your particular Ranger model, you might have to remove the appearance cover from the top of the engine.

Removing the Fuel Injectors

After relieving the fuel pressure, gain access to the fuel injectors by removing the upper intake manifold. The engine control sensor wiring connects to each of the fuel injectors. Unplug the sensor at the injectors, then disconnect the hose from the injection supply manifold. Use the Spring Lock Coupling Disconnect tool number 310-D004 for the 3/8-inch hose or tool number 310-D005 for the 1/2-inch hose.

Lift the fuel injection supply manifold off the engine as an assembly and disconnect the vacuum line. Once removed, you can unscrew the injectors from the manifold for replacement. When installing the new injectors, use new O-rings as well, and make sure they are fuel resistant. Also, replace the O-rings on the fuel supply manifold fitting before re-installation.

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