How to Change Fuel Injectors in a Chevy S-10

by Lee Sallings
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A Chevy S-10 uses with one of two basic factory fuel injection systems. The early S-10 came equipped with a throttle body injection system that featured injectors mounted in a throttle body design that was similar in appearance to a carburetor. The later models were equipped with port fuel injection that featured a single injector per cylinder, mounted in the intake manifold runner. Replacing the injectors in either of these systems is well within the average mechanic's capability and requires only basic hand tools. If you have difficulty determining your fuel injection system, check your owner's manual.

Throttle Body Injection

Step 1

Remove the air cleaner to gain access to the throttle body. Set the air cleaner, air filter and wing nut in a safe place to avoid damage. Unplug the injector harness attached to the injectors.

Step 2

Remove the top of injector housing and fuel pressure regulator assembly by removing the T-10 torx head screws. Then gently pry the assembly up to expose the injectors located in the throttle body below.

Step 3

Remove the old injectors by gently prying up on the injector, and take note of the order that the seals are installed. The upper seal consists of a thin metal ring and rubber o-ring seal. Then install the new injectors, the metal ring and the rubber o-ring in that order.

Step 4

Re-assemble the upper injector housing. Replace the paper gasket and tighten the T-10 Torx screws securely. Plug the injector harness back on to the injectors and start the engine. Check for leaks.

Re-install the air cleaner and air filter, and tighten the wing nut securely.

Port Fuel Injection

Step 1

Remove any engine covers and air cleaner ducts to gain clear access to the fuel injector rail that the injectors are mounted in. Unplug the injector wiring from the injectors.

Step 2

Remove the fuel filler cap to relieve pressure and disconnect the fuel lines from the injector rail using open-end wrenches.

Step 3

Remove the 10mm bolts that secure the injector rail to the manifold. Remove the fuel rail and injectors as a unit.

Step 4

Remove the lock clips that hold the injectors to the fuel rail, and twist the injectors as you pull to remove them from the rail. Lubricate the injector seals with silicon grease. Install the injectors in the fuel rail, and snap the retaining clips into place to hold them securely.

Step 5

Position the injectors into the openings in the manifold and press the rail down until the injectors are seated in the manifold. Install and tighten the 10mm retaining bolts securely and reconnect the fuel lines.

Reconnect the injector wiring harness to the injectors and reinstall the air filter housing. Prime the fuel system by turning the ignition key to the "on" position, then to "off." Do this two more times. Check for leaks, then start the engine.

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