How to Fix a Burn Hole in a Car Seat or Carpet

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How to fix a burn hole in a car seat. This repair tip works best with fabric seats. This tip can be used to repair burns in other fabrics and items such as a couch or even carpet.

Step 1

Gather your glue and tools and head out to the car. Take a razor blade and SCRAPE underneath the car seat where the fabric is hidden from view. Make sure to collect all the fabric fuzz that you are scraping off.

Step 2

Squeeze some Super Glue into the burn hole. Take the fabric fuzz that you have collected and put into the burn hole. Take the pencil and carefully push the fabric into the burn hole. As the glue starts to dry you will be able to manipulate the fabric into the hole better. If you do this right it can take a little practice, the hole should be barely noticeable.

Step 3

This basic repair can work with a variety of soft fabrics. It also works well on carpet especially Berber or looped carpet. If a loop comes loose put super glue in the bare area push loop completly into it. Place a heavy object over area and let sit for awhile. The weight of the object will push carpet down fully into the glue, hopefully insuring the loop won't pull up again. It will also make the carpet look good as new and you will be able to vacuum over the area once dried.

Step 4

In addition to the steps above you can use nail polish to repair a burn hole. Find a nail polish in a matching shade of the fabric you are trying to fix. Dab a little nail polish into the hole especially where the fabric needs a little filler or touch-up. This can help blend the burn hole even more so it is even less noticeable.

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