How to Pop a Dent

by Dawn Gibbs
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Small dent repairs can cost hundreds of dollars at the auto body shop. You can easily repair a dent in your car at home with items you probably have around the house. Popping a dent yourself takes less than five minutes, and can be done without damage to the paint on the car.

Step 1

Plug the hair dryer into the extension cord and take it outside to your car. Take the can of compressed air with you, and the clean cloth.

Step 2

Turn the hair dryer on to high heat. Aim it at the dent for one minute. Hold the hair dryer 2 inches from the surface of the dent.

Step 3

Hold the can of compressed air upside down and aim the nozzle at the dent. Pull the trigger and spray the cold liquid onto the dent for 10 seconds.

Step 4

Wait for the cold to contract the heated metal. You will hear an audible pop when the dent goes back to normal. Wait for the liquid to dissipate.

Wipe the surface of the car down with the dry cloth to remove any left over compressed air.

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