How to Fix a 2003 Dodge RAM Fuse Box

by Ashton Daigle

Many of your 2003 Dodge Ram functions are powered by the main fuse panel, located inside your engine compartment. If you begin to start losing power to your electrical functions in your Ram, it may mean you need to change out your entire fuse box. Switching it out with a new one is not a complicated task. Replacement fuse boxes can be ordered from your dealership. Switching out your fuse box will take a little less than an hour.

Pop your Ram's hood and remove the negative and the positive battery cable.

Trace the wires that run from your battery cables to your fuse box. Once you find where the wires connect on your fuse box, remove the two retaining screws with your screwdriver and pull the two wires out. Mark the wires with tape or paper, so that you attach the wires to the correct terminals on your new fuse box.

Locate the two retaining bolts at the bottom of the fuse box and remove them with your socket set. Lift the fuse box out of your Ram. Set the new fuse box in place. Insert the retaining bolts and tighten them.

Connect the two wires running from your battery cables to the corresponding terminals on your fuse box.

Remove the fuses from the old fuse box and then test them with your test light to see if they are good. If they are good install them into the new fuse box. If they are not good, buy new fuses and then install the into the new fuse box.

Replace your Ram's battery cables once you have installed all of your fuses.

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