How to Fix Car Scratches and Dents

by Krista Martin

Dents and scratches on your car do not need to result in a hefty bill from the repairman. Minor auto repair such as dents and nicks are relatively easy to take care of and only require a quick trip to an auto or hardware shop for a few affordable essentials. With a little time, you can minimize the appearance of dents and scratches.

Clean the vehicle first. Use water and soap to clean the vehicle and dry with a lint-free cloth.

Wipe the dent or scratch with wax and grease remover. This will eradicate wax build-up.

Use a remover with a cleaner that will remove silicon if the car was polished with silicon cleanser.

Sand the scratches using a sand bar with 400-grit paper. Use the sand bar lightly to avoid making the repair area worse.

Wipe the area with the lint-free cloth.

Apply glazing putty to a rubber squeegee and spread it in a circular motion over the area.

Let the putty dry overnight and sand the area again.

Rinse the sand dust away lightly and sand with a 600-grit block lightly over the area.

Apply putty or body filler to any low spots. Then sand until smooth.

Spray a coat of finishing primer over the area if you are satisfied with the appearance, letting it dry for about five minutes.

Wet the area and sand it again with the sandblock. Repeat several times until the area is smooth.

Repaint the area using custom paint that matches the color of your vehicle.


  • check Use safety glasses when using the spraying primer or paint.

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