What Cleans & Polishes Decals on a Motorhome?

by Mel Frank
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Dirt and debris accumulates on your motorhome while you're driving across the open countryside. This can leave your motorhome looking dirty and leave paint and decals looking dull and aged. A number of products on the market will clean and polish your motorhome decals, restoring them to their bright, colorful condition.

Steel Wool

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Steel wool pads work to gently buff away dirt and buildup on vehicle decals without damaging the design or finish of the decal itself. Steel wool can be purchased at auto supply stores, home improvement stores and superstores. Look for a steel wool marked with a 'fine' grain level. This will allow you to gently buff away any debris and restore the decal back to its original bright, resilient condition. Wash the motorhome as usual, and then use the steel wool to gently buff over the decal, working in small circular motions until you have buffed the entire decal. Rinse the decal after buffing, or simply wipe with a cloth to remove any leftover debris.

Auto Paint and Glass Cleaner

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Top Wax is a product designed to clean decals on RV's, aircrafts and trailers that have a gel coat finish. This wax polishes away dirt and buildup while leaving the motorhome decal looking glossy and protected with a UV protectant finish that will prevent discoloration from the sun's rays. Wash the motorhome as usual, and then use a cloth or paper towel to apply the cleaner, rubbing in hard, circular strokes to rub away all buildup.

Petroleum-Free Wax

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Many decal adhesives are petroleum based, which means using an RV wax that contains petroleum could potentially dissolve the adhesive and cause the decal to peel away. Wash the RV as you normally would, and then use a vehicle wax that is petroleum free. This will restore the shine of the decal and protect from future damage. Petroleum-free vehicle wax can be purchased at most auto supply stores; simply read the ingredient list on the back of the container to make sure petroleum is not listed. Ask a store associate to assist you if you are unable to determine which product is best for your motorhome.

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