How to Fix a Blown Fuse on a Golf Cart

by Tammy Bronson
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Golf carts serve a greater need than just driving on the golf course. As more drivers select golf carts as their preferred method for quick transportation, understanding how to make simple repairs, like changing a blown fuse, becomes necessary. Many hardware stores carry fuses that are compatible with those in a golf cart. A blown fuse can also mean there is an electrical problem. A blown fuse requires a thorough examination of the circuit system to locate the problem.

Step 1

Find the service panel on the rear fender on the driver side of the golf cart behind the battery. Read the inside panel to determine the level of current the fuses are set to take at a maximum voltage. It is common for fuses to be 250V. Always pay close attention to the current rating on the fuse; the current rating needs to be the same when replacing. An example is a 10A current level on a 250V system is replaceable with a 5A current level on a 17V.

Step 2

Search for the broken fuse. This process can look cumbersome. Pay attention to what part of the electrical system isn't working. When you discover the malfunctioning part of the electrical system, you know the name of the blown fuse. An example is the electric start. If the golf cart won't start, then on the inside of the service panel read to see where the electrical start fuse is and pull it out.

Step 3

Pinch the fuse with your fingers and pull it straight out. Sometimes on the inside service panel there are plastic pliers to help you pull the fuse. If there are no pliers then use your finger tips.

Step 4

Read the fuse and determine what the level of current is. Most fuses have white numbers stamped on the face of the fuse to tell you the type of fuse. Examples of level of current stamps on a fuse are 5A, 10A and 15A.

Step 5

Purchase the replacement fuse with the same level of current as the blown fuse. As mentioned in Step 2, the volts can vary, but not the level of current.

Step 6

Push the replacement fuse into the same slot as the blown fuse. It is important that you push the fuse in straight and until it can't go in any further. A fuse not pushed in all the way causes a weak connection and the possibility of the fuse blowing again.

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