How to Fix Bent Rims

by Victor Fonseca
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Nothing is worse than curbing your stupendous new 20-inch rims. A little too much English on the wheel and there goes the rim. While some people have no problem curbing their rims, you are a perfectionist and demand your rims be spotless, rotating discs of elegance. Rather than check your bank account and weigh whether you would rather pay rent or fix your rim, try this spiffy do-it-yourself solution. You will not need much more than you already have in your garage and a bit of elbow grease.

Step 1

Lift or jack up your car and remove the wheel in question.

Step 2

Take the wheel to a nearby tire service and have them remove the tire from the rim. You could do this yourself with a pry bar, but unless you have done this before you can avoid any further damage to your rim by taking it to a professional.

Step 3

Lay the rim on its undamaged side. Place it on an old blanket or floor mat.

Step 4

Light the propane torch and set to full bore (meaning you have more of a blue flame than a yellow or orange one).

Step 5

Carefully heat the damaged lip of the rim. Heat for approximately two to three minutes at a time.

Step 6

Turn off the torch and quickly place the wood board against the rim.

Step 7

Hammer the wood board against the damaged lip.

Step 8

Turn the torch on again, heat the lip, place the board in place and hammer.

Step 9

Continue until the lip returns to its original shape.

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