An Easy Way to Polish Aluminum

by Megan Kelly
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One problem that many people experience with aluminum is that is tends to tarnish quickly, leaving parts looking dull and unrefined. Because aluminum is a soft metal, you can easily polish it to a bright shine. Polishing your aluminum parts will add a shine to your car, bike or motorcycle that will make it look brand new.

Step 1

Remove the coat of acrylic or urethane lacquer seal using aircraft strength stripper, being careful not to let the chemicals come near your skin or any machines.

Step 2

Sand down rough aluminum parts with coarse emery paper, followed by medium paper and then fine paper.

Step 3

Apply the aluminum polish to your polishing cloth and work it into the fabric, making sure it is evenly applied.

Step 4

Polish your aluminum parts. As you polish, the cloth will turn black. This is a normal part of polishing aluminum.

Step 5

Use a clean, dry towel to remove excess polish from your part.

Step 6

Repeat the process until you achieve the desired polish for your part.

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