Replacing the Driver's Side Mirror on a Ford Expedition

by Don Bowman

The driver's side mirror on a Ford Expedition is bolted through the doorframe. The wires for the control travel through a hole in the door and down into the frame. In some years, if the mirror glass happens to break, it can be replaced by itself without replacing the entire mirror. If just the glass is broken, call a Ford dealer and ask if it is possible. If not, then the least expensive way to replace a side view mirror is to go to a used auto parts yard or call and ask them if they happen to have one. Side view mirrors can be costly and a used one from a used auto parts yard will cost a fraction of the money.

Step 1

Remove the door panel by removing the screws under the arm rest and the screw in the door handle. Remove the screws on the bottom of the door panel if any. Some years have screws holding the panel to the frame.

Step 2

Insert a screwdriver toward the back of the window switch, between the padding and the switch and carefully pry it forward and up and it will come out. Disconnect the electrical connector from the switch. Grab the door panel at the base and lift up and out to remove it. It has hooks on the bottom of the panel that hook into a receptacle in the door frame. Move the panel back enough to access the wiring. Remove the electrical connection on the lower rear light and any other connectors.

Step 3

Disconnect the wiring harness connector for the mirror. Hold the mirror with one hand while removing the three 10mm nuts holding the mirror to the door. Remove the mirror and direct the wiring harness through the hole in the door.

Step 4

Make sure the gasket is in place on the new mirror. Run the wiring harness through the hole in the door and carefully insert the mirror studs into the door. Install the 10mm nuts and tighten them.

Step 5

Hold the door panel close to the door and connect all the electrical connectors. Carefully insert the door lock button through the top of the door panel. Once it is in place, gently push the panel toward the door and lock in the top of the door panel to the windowsill. It works like a hook so push the top toward the window and while holding it there push it down and it will fall into place. While doing this, a little manual dexterity is needed because the hooks on the bottom of the door panel need to go into their receptacle at the same time. Use your knee to hold the bottom of the panel in while hooking the top to the sill plate. It will be obvious what has to be done to hook it, a little patience is all that is needed.

Step 6

Install the screws in reverse order of removal and the electrical connector to the window switch and snap the switch back into the door panel.

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