Free Driver Training Courses

by David Kiarie

In the U.S., 42,800 drivers are killed and 2.7 million drivers are injured each year, with the average driver being involved in six vehicle crashes in his lifetime, according to the Safety Skills website. Driver training courses are designed to improve drivers’ skills and reduce accidents on roads. You can sharpen your driving skills and become a better driver by enrolling in free driver training courses.

Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive driving courses aim to make drivers more cautious and aware of their surroundings, not to mention keep drivers up to date with current rules of the road and the latest techniques in vehicle handling, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles website. Register with a defensive driving school, such as Defensive Driving 4, with free practice tests. Most free driver training courses will offer free classroom-based beginner courses, but you may need to pay the full driver training course for behind-the-wheel training.

Driver Safety Courses

Driver safety courses promote safe driving habits and defensive driving methods, including training in parking lot awareness, seat belt safety, accident prevention, how to identify varying road hazards, and how to recognize hazardous driving behavior in yourself and others. Register with a licensed driver safety course provider, such as Safety, that offers up to six free driver safety courses online. Government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private schools occasionally run free driver training courses for parents and teenagers. Look out for free driver safety programs to benefit from sponsored driver safety courses in your locality.

CDL Permit Training

Commercial Driver's License permit training is a classroom-based driving course designed to equip students with theoretical knowledge needed to pass the written components of the CDL exam and CDL road test. Only after you pass the written CDL permit test will you get a CDL permit that allows you to proceed to the actual CDL training course. Sign up for a free CDL permit training course with a licensed CDL trainer, such as ATS Commercial Truck Driving training schools or Interstate Truck Driving Schools that have CDL training campuses distributed across the U.S.

CDL Training

Apply for free CDL training course after you pass your CDL permit test to get a commercial driver's license. Truck driving schools that offer free CDL training include MTC Truck Driver Training Schools and Diesel Truck Driver Training schools. There often is a fee for taking a CDL training course, and you may be obligated to work for the company that provides or sponsors your free CDL training. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with any obligation that may be pegged on the free driver training course you take.

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