What Is a Double DIN Radio?

by Michael Ryan

A double DIN radio is a type of radio used in cars and trucks. Double DIN does not refer to features or equipment on a radio, but instead to its size.


A traditional DIN radio measures 2 inches tall by 7 inches wide. This is the universal size for car radios, fitting most applications. A double DIN radio measures 4 inches tall by 7 inches wide, allowing a radio to have a larger display and improved graphics on the display.


When installed from the factory, double DIN radios may offer navigation screens, more buttons or simply a storage pocket that makes use of the extra 2 inches of mounting space.


When shopping for an aftermarket radio, a double DIN model allows you to shop for a radio with a large screen and integrated navigation display. Getting these additional options will cost you more money than a single DIN radio.


If your vehicle currently has a double DIN radio, you need not replace it with another double DIN radio. There are adapters that allow the smaller DIN radios to be installed in the double DIN slot.

Expert Insight

While some aftermarket double DIN radios offer large navigation screens and on-screen equalizers, they do not always offer better sound quality. You could save money by getting a single DIN radio and using an adapter.

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