Door Prizes for Car Shows

by Skyler Breeden
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One of the draws at a car show are the door prizes. It is important, when choosing door prizes, to pick something people will actually want. Lots of things make good door prizes. You can choose to give away a small collection of inexpensive things as long as they are not too inexpensive. Avoid trying to pass off yard sale or dollar store items as door prizes.

Model Cars

A good door prize is a smaller version of some of the cars at the show. Buy model kits they can assemble themselves or miniature die cast versions.

Wire Basket of Auto-Related Stuff

Pack a wire basket with rags and cleaners, electric ice scrapers or coupons for a car wash. Anything a car enthusiast might use to clean, wax or keep their car bright and shiny makes a good door prize.

Gas Cards

Gas is expensive. A gas gift card would always be appreciated.

Car Apparel

Car-related apparel, like T-shirts and hats, make good door prizes.

Car-Themed Items

Car-themed items, from fuzzy dice to a computer mouse that resembles a car, would make good door prizes at a car show.

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