Removing a Door Panel in a Jeep Grand Cherokee

by Jared Paventi

Gather your tools

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has two different type of screws which fasten the panel to the door -- Philips and Torx. Therefore, two different types of screwdrivers are needed to remove the door. A medium-sized Philips head will give enough clearance and torque to complete the job. A Torx T-25 screwdriver will work in this instance. The door is held on, primarily by clips and snaps, so a thin sturdy object will be needed for prying. A hard putty knife is recommended.

Remove the screws

There are three screws in the door panel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Look for a Philips head in the door pull tray and one adjacent to the side view mirror. A Torx screw is tucked behind the door handle. There is not a lot of clearance, so use one hand to hold the handle back and the other to guide the screwdriver.

Detach the panel

Use a putty knife to pry the panel back from the door. There will be a snapping noise, as the door is held on by clips. The clips should not break, as long as it is not bitter cold where the area the car is being worked on. Work the knife around the entire panel to detach it. Do not let it hang from the door, as it may rip an essential wire.

Detach the metal actuator rods and power wires

Inside the door panel are a pair of actuator rods, which clip to the door. The rods are locked in with a yellow plastic retainer clip that can be pried from the rod by hand. The rods should lift straight out of the socket. On the inside of the door, just opposite the power window controls, is a white plastic housing. This is a plug which provides power and commands to the door locks and windows. Pull this plug apart. Then, gently pull the door panel back from the vehicle.

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