Dodge Caravan Heater Troubleshooting

by Jill Davis
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We sometimes take it for granted that the heater in our Dodge Caravan will operate when we turn it on, but there are few things worse on an icy morning than finding out that no air or only cold air is coming out of the vents. Some easy troubleshooting steps can have your heater working effectively again.

No Air From the Vents

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If you turn the heater on, but there is no air coming out of the vents and the blower is silent, you may have a blown fuse. Check the fuses in the Totally Integrated Power Module on the engine compartment near the battery. Replace the 10-amp red fuse to see if that solves the problem.

Pinched Heater Hoses

Check under your hood and examine your heater hoses. They run from the engine cooling system to the heater core. If they are pinched, you will not get heat. Try to remove the crimp in the hose; if this doesn't work, replace them.

Check the Coolant Level

The heating system will only work if the radiator in your Caravan has enough coolant. If the level of coolant is low, the heater hoses may store pockets of air that will block block the delivery of warm air. Start the engine, and when it has heated up to normal temperature, turn it off and touch the heater hoses. If they are not hot to the touch, check the coolant level and add more, if necessary.

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