How do I Find a Secondary VIN Number on a 1966 Chevelle?

by Chyrene Pendleton
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Just as your fingerprints identify you from the rest of the population, a vehicle identification number (VIN) identifies a car from all other cars produced. Each digit provides information specific to that car. For example, in the 1966 Chevelle VIN 136676A122222, the first digit represents "Chevrolet," the second indicates the Chevelle and Malibu series, the third digit, an even number, means this car has an eight-cylinder engine; otherwise, it would be a four- or six-cylinder engine. The sixth digit (6) represents the model year 1966, and the seventh character "A" reveals the assembly plant Atlanta, Georgia. The remaining six digits represent the production number for this 1966 Chevelle.

Step 1

Look for the secondary VIN on the drivers side of the car, on the pillar by the door hinge. Find the VIN stamped on a small metal strip approximately 1/2-inch high and 3 inches long, riveted with rosette or flower shape rivets. Make certain this number matches the VIN you have on your registration.

Step 2

Open the car hood and look on the firewall, above the windshield motor. The firewall separates the engine compartment from the car's interior. The 1966 Chevelle firewall has a seam running across the middle.

Locate the secondary VIN for the 1966 Chevelle on the credit-card sized cowl tag on the firewall, held by open-holed rivets. This location applies to both U.S. and Canadian Chevelles.

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