How do I Title a Homebuilt Car in Ontario?

by Bryan Hansel
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In Ontario, the Ministry of Transportation requires you to register and title your homebuilt car. To do so, you must fill out several forms, get insurance and present a sworn affidavit to a Driver and Vehicle Licence Issuing Office. Before, registering you should make sure that your homebuilt car meets all regulations in the Highway Traffic Act, and you need to determine your car's official designation. The process sounds overwhelming, but anyone who has built his own car can tackle the red tape.

Step 1

Check your car against the regulations in part VI of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Before you can title your car, you must meet or exceed each of these requirements.

Step 2

Determine if your car is homebuilt or a kit. If you built the car from a kit you purchased, then Ontario views that car as a kit car. If you built the major components parts e.g., body, chassis, frame, etc., then the car is homebuilt.

Step 3

Write up an affidavit stating the following: a statement that you built the vehicle, include your full legal name, address and signature; a statement that you are the legal and rightful owner; a statement explaining how you made the body and where you got the parts, include the name, address, purchase date and seller's name; invoices for all the parts you used to build the car; state the year you completed the vehicle; the vehicle identification number or a statement saying you will use a Ministry-assigned number. If your car is a kit, include the kit's manufacturer, the vehicle identification number from the kit and an invoice of sale.

Step 4

Find a Commissioner of Oaths or a Notary Public and present her with your affidavit. She will notarize it for you. When you go to the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office, this affidavit serves as your vehicle's title.

Step 5

Fill out an Application for Registration. Get the form from any Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office.

Step 6

Present proof of insurance, which includes your insurance company's name and policy number to the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office.

Step 7

Give a Safety Standards Certificate to the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office. To get a Safety Standards Certificate, you must take your car to an authorized mechanic at a government approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Station.

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