How Do I Replace the Starter in a 2002 KIA Sedona?

by Zyon Silket
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The starter on the 2002 Kia Sedona is directly responsible for starting the engine so when the starter malfunctions, the Sedona will not start. The starter has a powerful gear called the drive gear. The drive gear meshes with the flywheel. Essentially, the flywheel is a very large gear that connects to the engine’s crank. The starter gear turns the flywheel and in turn, the flywheel engages the cranks. Once the air, fuel and spark is added into the mix, the engine roars to life.

Step 1

Jack the Sedona's front end off the ground using the jack supplied with the vehicle. Place a jack stand under each A-arm and secure the vehicle on the jack stands. Place a wheel chock behind the rear tire to prevent the Sedona from rolling off the jack stands while you are under it.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative battery cable using a crescent wrench. Wrap the cable connector with a cotton towel to prevent the cable from accidentally touching the battery terminal while you work on the Sedona.

Step 3

Disconnect the ground wire from the side of the starter. The wire connects to a threaded post. Remove the nut from the threaded post with a crescent wrench and pull the wire off the threaded post.

Step 4

Remove the three bolts that secure the starter to the engine with a 14 mm socket. The upper bolt is difficult to reach. Use a swivel attached to your ratchet to gain access to the upper bolt.

Step 5

Pull the starter off the engine and rotate it counterclockwise to expose the wiring harnesses on the starter solenoid. Disconnect the wiring harnesses. Remove the starter.

Step 6

Place the new starter in proximity of the wiring harnesses and then reconnect the harnesses to the solenoid.

Step 7

Slide the starter into place and replace the bolts. Thread all three bolts into place with your fingers to ensure they all thread in properly. Once completed, tighten with the socket.

Reconnect the ground wire to the threaded post on the side of the starter and then reconnect the negative battery cable

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